In our latest blog we have put together a list of reasons why customers pick us over the competition. 

With years of experience we have a website solution perfect for garment decorators looking to go online hassle free.

Do not just our word for it.

One of our latest customers Castle Printwear spoke to Images Magazine about why they picked us over competitors saying

'We put off having an ecommerce website for some time, thinking it would be too expensive and time consuming to set up. However, eTrader has taken most of the pain away. The support from them has been excellent! They have been so helpful. I wish we had done this years ago'.

First and foremost - what is it we offer?

We offer print and embroidery businesses an ecommerce website filled with garments of their choice and a selection of sales, marketing and search engine tools. We tick all the boxes and provide print and embroidery business practical, useable websites.

What are the other 'options'?

There are three main other options to consider for your print & embroidery businesses website:

A simple, basic wholesalers website
This is the cheapest option but offers limited tools and you are stuck selling their garments offering little or no flexibility.

Use similar web platforms
There are not many platforms for print and embroidery businesses. What is out there is lacklustre in comparison, dictates how to run your business, its accounts, workflow and so on (even though its your business!) You also have to build the thing - surely leave that to the experts...

Go bespoke
This is the expensive option. Have a website built exactly how you want it. It will be personalised to you and your businesses every need. Bear in mind this comes at a price and not every web design ecommerce company understands the print and embroidery industry.

What about us?

Our ecommerce package offers print and embroidery companies a variety of tools to generate online sales and success. Of course being a platform there is a bit of compromise to be had but we tick 95%+ of what most customers are after such as:

We actually build the websites
Unlike other solutions in the industry we actually build the websites for you. No drag and drop designers for you to scratch your head at, no HTML skills required at your end. We do all the graftt.

Sell whatever clothing you like online
You can sell clothing from whoever you like - Pencarrie, BTC, Portwest, Uneek, Prestige and 100s more to pick and choose from. There is no tie in to any supplier or no limits to what you can have on-site. 

Our aftercare is unmatched, we help every step of the way
We do not just sit back and relax once the website is up and running. We want you to get the most out of the website, we assist with things like training, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and much more.

Unlimited shop areas for customers
There are no limit to the number of stores you can set up for your customers, clubs, schools or shops.

Hassle free shopping
Our easy to use design tool is customer friendly and offers customers a simple way to buy printed or embroidered garments online both safely and securely.

Again do not just take our word for it...

Simon at Curtis Sports came to us looking for a new practial solution for their business which focuses on schoolwear, workwear, teamwear and more.

Asked why he picked us 'We were looking for a website provider with a comprehensive catalogue that we could use to allow our customers easy, simple online purchasing options and provided the ability to set up customers with their own online shops with all their products in one place. 

A quick chat with Andrew from Etrader and a short demo later there was only once choice for us. We are very pleased with the work Andrew and the Etrader team have done for us and can’t praise them highly enough'.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us on or call 029 2074 1663. We can run an online demo and show you how we can transform your print and embroidery business with a brand new website.

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