The fight for business in the garment decoration is always well and truly on. Customers have more options than ever before when it comes to buying their personalised clothing and decorating their garments. Give your online business the edge, make retaining them a given with an amazing customer experience; and a reason to say ‘Why would I go elsewhere when I need some personalised clothing? ‘

We have put together our five favourite tips to make sure your potential and current customers keep coming back to your site for a long time to come.

1. Have an Eye-Catching Modern Homepage: So you have done all the hard SEO & Marketing work and the customer lands on your page. For print/embroidery businesses it goes 1 or 2 ways, either customers are faced with an old-fashioned eye sore of a website which they leave as quick as they arrived or they land on a modern attractive homepage (somewhere in the middle is few and far between). Customers facing a modern clean homepage are more likely to stay on site much longer and fish around to see what you offer giving you a chance of winning and importantly retaining their business. Our sites do just this, offering customer sleek professional looking websites – seeing your homepage why would they go elsewhere?

2. Make Shopping as Straight-Forward as Possible: The customer shopping experience should be as simple as possible – click, buy, checkout, deliver. But the nature of the personalised clothing industry makes things a little more complicated, there is always a variable, a personalised aspect to what your customers buying. Most every day punters get confused by the personalisation progress when purchasing from garment decorators. But make it as simple as possible using easy to use layout and design and design tools. We have seen a whole number of different ways garment decorators try conquer this, everyone has their own view, but stick to big picture – you want your customers to buy from you and not elsewhere. Make it simple – our sites use a simple four step ordering process for customer which makes it as simple as possible for the everyday customer to order their personalised garment.

3. Be Social: Customers love a brand they can resonate with. Social Media gives your business the chance to grow its own persona and personality. You do not have to take it too seriously; it is of course just another form of Marketing, but a very fun one of that. The benefits of growing an online personality are huge, not only do current customer’s fall in love with your business, they refer your business (sharing the love and growing the sales). Social Media is a chance to interact with everyone that can be a potential customer and everyone that is a customer from a phone/tablet or PC – and with a high quality product, amazing customer service and interesting business and brand the customers are sure to come flocking in.

4. Mirror How You Work In-Store Online: Give customers an opportunity to see how great your business really is; let your customers know who you are, what you do, why you do it and why you love the garment decoration industry by any means possible – FAQs, images, blogging and so on. Shopping online customers are looking for the go-to guys for their personalised clothing, give them a bit of insight into the wonderful world of print & embroidery and improve your chances against competitors. Show off you and your businesses personality and give your business a bigger chance of winning that all important order.

5. Give Them a Reason to Keep Coming Back: Winning new business is important to print & embroidery businesses but retaining it is vital. You want to combine all these previously discussed points, great service, personality, a high-quality product and make sure that if they need personalised clothing again they are not going to go elsewhere. Offer them a reason to come back – an online mini shop loaded with their products, something your competitors can not. Why would they go anywhere else when they can order their uniforms, kits or whatever they need in just a few moments?

Combining all these tips will put you well on your way to making your customers fall in love with your online business. Beat off the online competition, go one step further and take your online sales and customer retention to the next level.

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