In-store Marketing is an often-undervalued part of a Marketing strategy. It plays a vital part ensuring your businesses premises matches your brand and offering.

Of course, there will be many garment decorators who look at their premises as just a show room, but it can be so much more, it can be a lead generation and sales tool in itself. And in these turbulent times there will be precautions and considerations to be made. But with the correct procedures in place a showroom is still a vital sales tool.

This will not be applicable for some as there are of course purely online operations, or people who operate in remote units, lockups etc. But for garment decorators looking to attract customers and increase footfall in-store Marketing can play a critical role.

Customers trust you with their branding needs, so ensure yours is also on point from the moment the customer locks eyes at your building, enters your showroom and so on. Catching a customer’s attention visually is key, whether this is in-store with visuals, point of sales materials and Marketing collateral or outside branded with visuals, decorated windows or sandwich boards with your last offers, promotions and latest range of products.

Along with this consider things like promotional giveaways and merchandise giveaways branded with your info and details, branded samples and swatches. Anything that enhances your businesses brand that may also come useful for your customer.

You can also extend your offers to be store only. Offer showroom specific offers, discounts and incentives which can only be used by visiting your store, give people a reason to visit you.

Combining all these factors makes for an enticing store which hopefully both existing and prospective customers will visit. Offer a professional appearance, service and give customers a reason to go one step further than picking up the phone or searching for you on Google.

It allows them to visit you, see the quality product and proposition you offer, chat to you, get a feel for your business and brand. Despite the steady year on year growth of personalised clothing being sold online, there is still no replacement for seeing the quality of both a product and a service.

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