We’re so excited to be launching our funky new corporate branding today, along with our all new fully responsive website! We’d love to hear your opinions on our new look, so feel free to drop us an email on the subject.

The eTrader Websites platform has also recently had a makeover, both in terms of new responsive designs being made available to customers, and lots of brand spanking new functionality coming online with an upgrade to the core platform. Customers with a responsive version of the platform will see the new upgrades immediately. If you haven’t upgraded to a responsive version yet then we recommend that you get in touch so that we can discuss the upgrade.

Have you bought the wrong website?

Etrader websites are the only solutions in the market that understand what you need as a garment decorator. We understand because we have decades of experience in the print and embroidery market.

Is your current website out of date?

Our solutions are the ultimate modern tool for presenting your business online; both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. Our elite team of industry topping web developers will improve the design and marketability of your current site. As well as giving you the tools you need to generate more enquiries and orders

Are you sick of wasting time and money trying to update your site?

With ease of use being at the fore front of our thinking, we have developed our solutions with ‘2 sides’, from both the customer and owners perspectives. The customer can checkout in seconds, with our easy to use customisation process and secure online payment service, whilst the owner can change the content of their site in real time. From text and images to brands and entire clothing lines. It can all be changed in seconds!

Is your current website underperforming and you don’t know why?

At e-trader we have great expertise in internet marketing and search engine optimisation. The architecture of your new website will be constructed in a search engine friendly way. Accompany this with our easy to use SEO section on the’ owners side’ of the platform with the weekly marketing hints and tips from the e-trader team and you will be climbing up the Google ranks in no time.

Does your current site have a low conversion rate?

Our websites give you the potential will to generate more traffic towards the site and rank well both locally and nationally for related keyword searches. But the platform gives the customer the ability, to pick a garment, customise it and checkout in seconds. This gives you site a better chance of converting more site traffic into sales.

Are you fed up with managing all the data from your site?

We do all that for you! We can plug your new site into any of your wholesaler’s catalogues that you buy from.  We will also update them for you; too save you the hassle of doing it manually. This gives you the potential to have unlimited brands on your website.

Has your business taken over your life?

If you want to go on holiday we will take the orders while you’re away and fulfil them, leaving your some care free time away from the world of business. You will also find yourself with a more efficient production process as there is minimal communication between buyer and seller other than a simple order form. So you don’t have to wait around and you can improve your order turnaround time.

Are you confusing your online customers with costs?

In our market research we found that many print and embroiders confuse customers with costs. Our platform allows to you to build the costs on the ‘owners side’. Here you can set delivery charges, digitizing fees and other costs such as V.A.T with ease and simplicity. This way the customer is not left bewildered and wondering what stitch counts and set up costs mean. The costs are spread over the order with the same design, as a customer you can see the cost coming down as you buy more.

Are you losing customers to the rapid change in technology?

Our solution allows your website to be accessible on all devices. With tablets currently outselling laptops for the first time ever and technology becoming more mobile we decided to build a solution for the future. Many of the alternatives to our solution use flash; therefore they are not accessible on Apple products- such as the iPhone, iPad , iPod and iMac’s.

 Do you want to make it easier for repeat customers to place orders?

The e-trader+ option will give you a ‘Pre-branded products’ section on the ‘Owners Side’ of the website. Here you can in effect set up your own ‘mini-shop’. Upload pictures, write descriptions and set prices of your own products. This works particularly well if you supply local schools, sports teams or clubs, you can give them their own section of your website to show how much you value their custom.

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