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The functionality behind our websites is incredibly comprehensive; it was very specifically designed for garment decorators. Over the last few years the platform has been further developed to handle a wide variety of typical functions like selling online, digital garment branding, quotation system, mini shops and school shops setup, banner and feature product management, and so much more.

Brand Your Website

All of our sites are designed to match your businesses corporate branding. We offer a number of mobile friendly designs to ensure that your online presence is both modern and professional, standing out from your competitors in both appearance, usability and functionality. So, when you sign up we start the process off by creating a design to match your company branding.
Brand Your Website

Choose form over 100 brands and 60,000 SKU’s

We source and manage product data from a number of the garment decorating industry’s leading brands & wholesalers, including the likes of BTC, Pencarrie, Portwest, etc. These brands are available to all of our customers and can be switched on/off according to your preferences.

We manage the data completely, ensuring that all you need to do is choose which brands you want to include on your website. We make managing your website brands and pricing very simple using a dashboard area, which you can log into at any time.

The number of brands we provide continues to grow as we continue to work closely with a wide range of customers, brands and suppliers from around the UK. Our goal is simple, we want to ensure that all of our customers have their preferred brands readily available on their websites.

To find out more about the brands we work with visit our brands/suppliers page, and if you want to suggest a brand that you think we might not be working with then please get in touch.
Choose form over 100 brands and 60,000 SKU’s

Add content, update prices and change products

All our website come with their very own user dashboard for controlling the products and features for your website. The dashboard gives you control over a number of key features for your website, for example manage sales, configure pricing, managing customer shops, and much more.

The dashboard also allows you a significant amount of control over the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website, for example you can control the copy on the pages, including page titles, meta information, page copy, etc. and you can add analytics code, webmaster codes etc. You can also control the sitemap file.

The management of pricing is very comprehensive to allow for the complexity of the garment decorating industry, so you’ll find it both adequate and flexible in any situation.

We would recommend a demonstration of these features, so why not get in touch with our sales team for a no obligation demonstration?
Add content, update prices and change products

Secure Shopping with SagePay Integration

Our garment decorator e-commerce solution is fully integrated with Sagepay, who are our preferred payment gateway because they are the largest and most secure payment providers in the UK. Our developers are Sage and Sagepay accredited partners, ensuring that we maximise the functionality of the Sagepay system and the security offered for online payments through their payment solution.

If you don’t have a Sagepay account then we can certainly help you in that respect with both advice and practical support, so give us a call or just start the process off by signing up with Sagepay here.. Signup
SagePay Integration
Secure Shopping with SagePay Integration

Setup shops for your customers

If you have the ‘Garment Decorator’ version of eTrader then you can benefit from being able to setup mini-shops for your customers, either as private to them or public shops on your website. This is perfect for business to business trading or even for sports clubs. You can even allow your customer to include your products in their own website using our clever iFrame script, it’s so simple!

You can also easily setup School Shops, allowing you to add pre-branded school clothing to your website at fixed individual prices. Again, your school customers can add these mini-shops very simply into their own websites, to further assist with sales to parents.

The built-in shops functionality is an invaluable tool for driving repeat orders by making re-ordering so simple for your customers. If you would like to see a real-life demonstration of this then get in touch and we’ll send you some live examples with our customer permission.

If you think a customer shop or school shop would be a valuable tool for your business then we think this functionality will blow you away, so get in touch today!
Setup shops for your customers

And so much more..

We have worked with well-known industry leaders and suppliers from within the garment industry to help us to create the perfect solution for garment decorators; and we have developed relationships with the suppliers and brands to ensure that we have the very latest data for our websites.

Above we have shown you a little of the functionality available through the eTrader solution, but we thoroughly recommend a personal demonstration so that you can see the full capabilities of the websites.

As well as all this we also have customer services and support teams here to ensure that you receive professional support and training, both in terms of technical issues and ongoing marketing for your eTrader website. We regularly update our blog and social media channels with advisory posts and hints/tips. We frequently send out emailers with more support and advice for managing and marketing your eTrader website, for example topics might relate to social media marketing, blogging, creating quality content, search engine optimisation, and much more. We give your business all the tools required to tackle the digital world and prosper!

So what are you waiting for, give us a call for a demonstration today!
Book a demonstration with our sales team on 02920 741663