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Case Studies

eTrader web solutions operate throughout the UK, working with a large number of garment decorators. The below case studies will give you a little more insight and information on the solutions that we provide, and how they are helping customers across the country achieve online success for their business.

The Trader

The Trader version of our website is the entry level solution and is suitable for businesses who want to have an online catalogue without the online purchasing. The website is very attractive and user friendly, and it certainly drives enquiries via email or over the phone, but therein lies it main limitation: you cannot sell the garments directly online.

With this version of our platform, you can manage your website content, the brands advertised, the categories of products, the pricing, and the search engine optimisation. However, you will have no mini shop options, customer control or online selling statistics. There are a few other minor differences, but this solution is the perfect starter solution for any garment decorator business.
Set up cost £1,500 Monthly Fee £99 Sign Up!
Trader Case Study
Magic Touch Case Study

Case Study 1:

Magic Touch is an example of an eTrader ‘The Trader’ website. The company has been around for over 16 years, offering printed and embroidered garments to a wide range of corporate clients. Magic Touch strive to give their customers the best possible service, and keeping up with the latest technology is an important part of that effort—which is why they were so eager to work with us.

Magic Touch’s eTrader website has allowed them to modernise their approach to the print and embroidery industry. Their modern, sleek and search engine-friendly website has captured much more traffic than to their previous websites, and they’ve certainly had more interaction with customers, as well as generating a far greater level of new enquiries to the business.

These customer-oriented websites are extremely easy to manage and this is significant because it allows the operator to spend more time in production, or in sales. Moreover, the websites are incredibly user friendly and allow consumers to find exactly what they want within seconds, making them more appealing for the customer. Super easy to set up and super easy to manage, these websites are simply fantastic for garment decorators looking for an online presence.

The Garment Decorator

The Garment Decorator is the core version of our websites and by far the most functional and flexible. With this version your business can easily sell branded or blank garment online. Our unique 4 step customisation process allows customers to checkout with branded garments in seconds, literally!

This version of our platform affords you greater flexibility in terms of customisation of your website, and provides you with some fantastic features like the mini shops, the school shops, customer and order management, a full quotation system and for your regular customers you can even set their account to have credit, allowing them to checkout without paying.

Get ahead of the competition with the best version of our platform, which is by far the best value for money and will pay you back dividends with its super easy management and industry tailored features.
Set up cost £2,000 Monthly Fee £199 Sign Up!
Garment Decorator Case Study
My Garment Factory Case Study

Case Study 2:

The My Garment Factory website is a perfect example of the ‘The Garment Decorator’ version of our platform, utilising the full e-commerce capabilities of the solution. They are a highly experienced team based in Cardiff, supplying a wide range of workwear, corporate clothing and school uniforms, to a significantly growing number of clients across the country.

Their eTrader website has allowed them to develop a slick online presence and grow the business month on month since the website launch. The modern, professional appearance of the site has increased both new and existing customer accounts and they have expanded their business far beyond the reach of local business. They have fully utilised all of the functionality that comes with this version of our platform and as a result have clearly had incredible success as a direct result of the website.

"The MGF site has produced, and continues to produce, a tremendous amount sales and enquiries, which is so much better than we ever anticipated. We continue to work together with Etrader Websites to improve our online sales." James Horan, My Garment Factory

The Affiliate

This version of our solution was developed to cater for related industries and businesses. Simply put it allows non-garment industry specific businesses to easily sell decorated garments without requiring the expertise usually required to service this industry. For example a business selling promotional products can utilise this version of our platform to improve their service to their existing clients, without needing to handle the enquiries or sales themselves.

We have an agreement with a service centre to handle the sales/enquiries (as the affiliate business) and to produce the garments under a white labelled service. For all intents and purposes the end customer thinks they are dealing directly with the affiliate business, but instead they are receiving a high quality white labelled service delivered by a very experienced team in the garment decorating industry.

This version of our platform has proved useful to a number of companies, either looking to reduce their overheads and increase their margins with very little effort, or to leverage their existing business/customers to develop more sales through an additional channel.
Set up cost £2,500 Monthly Fee £299 Sign Up!
Affiliate Case Study
My Printed Clothing Case Study

Case Study 3:

My Printed Clothing is part of company that are very advanced when it comes to technology and were already selling as an affiliate in the promotional products space, as well as others, when we starting working with them as eTrader Websites. They sell a wide range of products from gadgets and party gear to promotional products and now decorated garments, however the unique thing about them is that they stock very in little in the way of products. Instead they work on commissions and utilise their marketing skills to drive sales on their various websites.

They approached us for a ‘promotional garments’ website some time ago, and at that time we only had the first two versions of our platform, so we developed this one to help cater to this kind of requirement. The advantage to them is that they don’t have to pick up a phone or even deal with an email, but their website drives more sales than any of the other websites we manage, largely due to their enviable page 1 Google listings for almost every conceivable keyword for this industry.

With their ‘The Trader’ website they are able to finely tweak the website to drive promotions, keywords and frankly massive amounts of traffic.

"This is by far the best (and cheapest) website we have ever been involved with, so easy to drive sales and make money!" Andrew Gill, Freeda Promotions

Responsive and mobile/tablet friendly websites:

If you have a pre-2016 version of our eTrader website then you will have what is called a mobile/tablet friendly website, meaning that it will work fine on these devices as well as computer screens, albeit some screen pinching/zooming is often required. However, our newer version of the solution now comes as a fully responsive website, which is considerably better, both for your customers and in relation to the optimisation of the website.

If you would like to talk to us about upgrading your older eTrader website to a more modern responsive version then please give us a call.

With increased customers and web traffic using smartphones and tablets our sites ensure that your businesses site operates effectively on all devices. We offer a number of different ‘Responsive’ designs that give your customers a modern and professional shopping experience. The construction of our mobile-friendly sites give your business a much better chance of improving its search engine rankings, increasing your sites traffic and more importantly increasing your sales!
Responsive Mobile and Tablet friendly Websites
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