In this weeks blog we have put together our thoughts on Internal Marketing and how it can help grow your garment decoration business.

Internal Marketing is used by Marketers to motivate all other departments in the workplace with the common goal of achieving customer satisfaction. Internal Marketing is a case of promoting your business internally to staff and giving them all the tools to succeed promoting your business and its products/services.

With careful management create your businesses core values, ethics and personality and consider how you display want these to come across both internally to staff and externally to your customers.

Implementing Internal Marketing techniques improves how your business operates in-store and how staff from every department interlink to achieve success. Create a culture that represents your business and get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet using Internal Marketing, from production to customer service and sales, make sure your staff know there is a common goal in place – to produce high quality branded clothing and satisfy customers!

Not everyone has the same passion for print & embroidery as garment decorators, so when it comes to recruiting staff this is key to achieving success.

Internal Marketing creates a dynamic work place and a strong culture within the workplace, it empowers your employees and encourage them to be pro-active, innovative and work on ways new creative ways of achieving success. Creating a dynamic pro-active workplace requires careful management, planning and a comprehensive Internal Marketing plan.

Successful Internal Marketing reduces stress and anxiety for workers and creates a happy workforce which makes for a much more productive team. Happy staff are proven to be more committed, determined and go above and beyond to make sure they can achieve success for your business; and provide your customers the best experience possible. Staff essentially become ‘Brand Ambassadors’ for your business…

Whether it is simply a case of incentivising your staff through things such as cash bonuses, time off, extra holidays etc or improving internal communications with monthly newsletters, competitions, social events or team bonding events there are several ways to market your business internally and engage with staff across all departments.

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