Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about etrader brands or the website solution service we provide, you’ll find the answers here.

Brands and Pricing Questions

What brands can I have on my website?
We have loads of brands available and we are always looking to add more. Here is the list of the brands currently available:

Alo Sports, AWDis, Aztex, B& C, Baby Bugz, Bargear, Beechfield, Bella, Best In Town, Blue Max Banner, Burrda Sport, Canterbury, Canvas, Capps, Caterpillar, Consumables, Continental, Cool Active, Cottover, Craghoppers, Dare2b, Davern, Dennys, DeWalt, Dickies, Earth Positive, Eyelevel, Eztrans, Fanshirt, Finden & Hales, Formula Racing, Front Row, Fruit of the Loom, Gamaegear, Gildan, Glenmuir, Grahame Gardner, Harbour Lights, Helly Hansen, Henbury, Hi-Tec, Humbugz, Jansport, Jassz, Jerzees, Jerzees Colours, Jerzees Schoolgear, Just Cool, Just Hoods, Just Sub, Kariban, Kooga, Kustom Kit, Larkwood, Lee Cooper, Lewis Print, Magnum, Mantis, Mascot, Metro Bears, Mumbles, NGOI, Nike Golf, Okarma, ØRN, Paddimac, Panoply, Pen Duick, Platninum, Portwest, Premier, Progressive, ProJob, ProPlayer, Quadra, Redvan, Regatta, Result, Result Core, Result Headwear, Ronhill, RT Xtra, RTY Enhanced Visibility, RTY High Visibility, RTY Workwear, Russell, Russell Collection, Russell Workwear, Screen Stars, SG, Shugon, Skinni Fit, Skinni Minni, Skopes, Slazenger, Snickers, Spalding, Spiro, Splashmac, Stormtech, Sunderland, Tombo, Towel City, Ultimate Clothing Collection, Uneek, Venitex, Warrior, Westford Mill, Whytes, Wombat, Yoko.

If you want any others you just need to ask and we can contact them to source their product data. So long as they can supply it in a suitable format.
Who manages the product data?
We do. We source all the leading brands from the major suppliers in the industry. If you would like any additional brands then we can add them and we are always looking to expand the range available to our customers. We upload as well as monitor this data for discontinued product lines and other important changes.
Can I set my own prices by brand?
Yes, you can choose the percentage mark-up you have on each brand you sell.
Do I control which brands are displayed?
Yes, you have the facilities to pick and choose which brands you display from the available list.
Can I set my own branding costs?
Yes, again in the ‘owner’s side’ you can add your own embroidery, digitization, printing and delivery costs.

Website Feature Questions

Can I have my own design?
Yes, we will work with you on the design. Incorporating your company colours and existing logo if you have one or we can design a new logo for a small fee.
Who controls my website?
You do. You have access to the ‘owners side’ of the website. From here you can control everything; content, pricing, products on offer.
Are the categories on my website fixed?
Yes, they are there so we can house the tens of thousands of products that we source. However you can suppress certain product categories from your website if they aren’t relevant, make them a best seller or expand its sub categories onto the main category menu.

Also with the etrader + solution you can create your own product category; this could be a product range you make in house or one of your customers products such as a school or local sports team.
Can I set up a customer on a credit facility?
Yes, you can manage all site users and give them a normal or credit status. Once granted with a credit status they can place an order without the need to fill out the payment details section. Then you can manage their account as you would do normally.
Can I set up my existing customers on the site?
Yes, existing customers can have their own log in where they can shop with a credit facility. You can also set up mini shops where existing customers can log in and buy their products. This facility is ideal for schools and local sports teams.

Technical Questions

What’s included in the monthly charges?
Product data management of over 60,000 products, hosting fees, training, support, hints and tips as well as regular updates.
What is the minimum sign up?
3 months. If you are unhappy with your website you can stop payments and we’ll take down your etrader site and transfer your domain back to you.
Will my website rank well?
Potentially Yes. We give you the tools in the ‘owner’s side’ of the website to add your own target keywords, meta description, headers and keyword rich content. Failing this you can always buy one of our marketing support packs. The architecture of the website is very search engine friendly; with a small amount of work you can definitely rank well locally and potentially nationally.
How long do I have to wait for my new website?
If you want the etrader basic option then you can go live in 2 weeks, this is the same if you have a merchant account for the etrader+ option. If you don’t have a merchant account the bank may take 3-6 weeks to process your application. During this time we can prepare everything else in readiness for going live.
Can I sell/transfer my website?
You can’t sell or transfer the ownership of the website without our agreement; you are effectively renting the website from us.
Can you attach the website solution to an existing website address?
Can I attach the etrader website as a sub domain to my existing website?
If I’m buying a website do I need to buy a domain?
We can buy a domain of your choice if available and register it on your behalf.
Will by website be unique to my business?
Yes, all visual elements are specific to your business; it is just the main product data and the engine of the website that is shared.
Do I need additional software?
The etrader+ website solution works with Sage Pay to connect to your merchant account.
Will my website work on smart phones and tablets?
Yes your website will be accessible on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers.
What language is the website written in?
What framework does it use?
Microsoft .Net Framework


Can I have more than one etrader site?
Yes, it’s entirely up to you. We also have a promotional products website solution.
Is there any training with the site?
Yes, we offer a comprehensive support network, complete with video tutorial on how to get the most from your etrader website solution.
What if I get orders for something I can’t do in house?
Our parent company GF specialises in embroidery and printing as well as a whole host of other trade services. If you can’t produce an order, than we can do it for you. We can also provide this facility if you want to take a holiday.
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