We recently launched a whole host of new updates for our sites to give customers more features and functionality. 

After months of planning listening to website owners feedback and their customers feedback we launched several new updates which gives site owners more practical features and improved functions while also offering customers a simpler, slicker shopping experience than previously.

We showcased the new updated sites to the garment decoration industry for the first time at Printwear & Promotion Live 2017. 

The latest update includes:
  • Improved category page loading speed
  • Improved site search box and search speed
  • Categories can now be put in any order
  • Use same logo: Removes multiple set up charges
  • Improves branding decoration page
  • Search by brand feature
  • Discount/promo codes
  • Multiple logins per shop
  • Unlimited colors for each shop product
  • Quotes: You can now search/delete
  • Orders: New search function
  • More customer shops than ever before!
On the road...

We will be out and about on the road again with the Print & Stitch roadshow alongside a number of the industries leading suppliers including Stocks, The Magic Touch, Golden Finishes, Goccopro, Wilcom & Madiera. Pop by and find out how we can help grow your online business.

NEXT SHOW: Thursday 23rd March 2017, Hilton Hotel, Leicester

For more information or to register for your tickets visit https://www.printandstitch.org/ or simply get in touch!

In the media...

We have a monthly article in Images Magazine covering a number of different online areas. Our monthly article provides tips for garment decorators to succeed online.

This months issue covers 'Managing your businesses data', to read this months article or to read any of our previous articles visit: http://images-magazine.com

Live Demo...

If you want to find out how eTrader works and can add value to your print/embroidery business we run an online demo (lasts approximately 30 minutes). If you can't make it to any of the road shows drop us an email on info@etraderwebsites.co.uk and we will take care of the rest.


We have some exciting news!

You can see us at the Newtech shows starting Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd June in Manchester. eTrader will  be demonstrating our product  and meeting a number of customers firstly at Manchester then at several other Newtech shows in Bristol, London & Leeds.

The Newtech Show will give us a chance to meet a number of print & embroidery companies and demonstrate how we can help transform their online business…

To book your FREE tickets for any Newtech Show click here!


We recently launched a number of updates & upgrades for our customers including:

  • Improved iFrame: Credit now Available on Iframe 
  • New Quantity Discount Band: (Upto 9) replacing 0-49
  • Delivery: Delivery charge now available per shop
  • Recommended products: Choose up to four products per page to be your 'best seller'
  • Reworded bagging charge to additional charge per item
  • Colour Filters: Your customer can now filter a search by colour on each category page

For more info on these updates don’t hesitate to get in touch for a demonstration!


Keep an eye out for us in both Printwear & Promotion Magazine and Images Magazine in the next few weeks.

We will be providing monthly online advice for garment decorators in a number of areas so keep an eye out for us!

You can read this month’s first article online by clicking here!

It’s Christmas time – there’s no need to be afraid….

Well there may be cause for concern if you are in the garment decoration industry.This time of year is full of festive spirit and cheer but traditionally it is a quiet time for small and medium sized print & embroidery businesses across the country – the schools orders have stopped, the workwear orders are at a minimum and production is just trickling along.

We can approach this in one of two ways to make sure that your business makes the most of the quiet period and gives itself the best chance of success:

Run a Tailored Campaign To Ensure Your Business Ticks Over…

It’s a simple one to do in the personalisation game running festive campaigns or seasonal flash sales. Of course there’s great reward but there’s also great risk, prices have to be just right and the quality ideas have to be there (after all you are competing against high street brands providing festive clothing, so the bar is set pretty high) and then conversely you compete against specialist gift stores both on the high street (or not!) or in-store.

So the value has to be there for customers, but to be successful you need more than great ideas you need a great campaign! This is where you need to be savvy and smart and not rely on an ad-hoc approach. Just ask yourself a few simple questions…

  • When do I want my seasonal campaign to run? When will things get quiet?
  • What do I want to sell to both my existing customers and potential new customers?
  • How much I reach them? And how often?
  • What mediums will I use – Email, Blogging, Social Media or Traditional Advertising?

Put together a plan of attack before a seasonal lull and watch your sales increase over the quiet period!

Alternatively, Use The Time To Grow Your Online Business…

If you don’t fancy running and online campaign and just accept seasonality on face value – then so be it, just ensure that in some way or another you add value to your business.

Throughout the year, we deal with a number of print & embroidery businesses often questioning their online efforts. The problem for garment decorators is a simple one – time constraints & prioritising. Whereas throughout the year a traditional print & embroidery company focus on prioritising, winning orders, getting the jobs in and out the ‘online stuff’ is left as a lesser priority and something that will be looked at when we are not busy or when we have the time…. so now is the time!

Prepare email campaigns, set up social media accounts, schedule posts, write blogs, create some optimised content, and create customer shops, promotional artwork and so on. Get all the things you would not ordinarily have time for in your day to day schedule done in time for 2016. Implementing just a few of these Online Marketing Techniques will go a long way in determining the future success of your online business, grow your online presence, increase your brand awareness, increase your traffic and most importantly online sales with all the hard yards you put in in the quiet period… Don’t just accept seasonality, make the most of it!

For more information on how to get more from your site & online marketing efforts don’t hesitate to get in touch via email on info@etraderwebsites.co.uk or give us a call on 029 2075 5733 today!

We recently launched an update with several new features for our valued customers. Our focus was on giving them as many sales tools as possible that are simple to use but add value to their business.

One of our new updates allows our customers to download customer records into a CSV format, a simple data tool – and we have been asked why is this important? What does it do for our business?

Existing and previous customer data plays a huge role in retaining business and contact with the old customers, reminding them that you are still out there should they need personalised garments again there is only place they need to go….

A number of businesses place too much emphasis on lead generation, winning the new orders and finding new customers. We are not saying this is not important (as it is!) but also do not forget about retention rates and how to go about increasing them and winning the repeat order.

This is where the pieces of the puzzle fit together nicely, so you have your customer data for the past X amount of months, the key is to use it wisely! Email campaigns are a great way to make the most of the data you have available. Often overlooked by everyday business as quite a specialist facet of Online Marketing and disregard it straight away. But it is an amazing way of communicating and increasing your customer retention rate and despite the number of articles out there that over-complicate the issue with A/B testing, click through rates and so on it is relatively straight forward.

eTrader has been carrying out email campaigns for a long time and through experience found out what works, what does not and how to make the most of the data you have available.

We have put together our top ten tips for beginners looking to improve their online efforts and carry out their first email campaign:

  1. Use FREE Software: There is a whole host of email marketing programmes available, of course there will be PRO versions but with a programme like Mailchimp the options, tools and features you get for free are ideal for small businesses.
  2. Email Only Offers: Create specific offers for email customers, exclusive codes, discounts only available to subscribers. An effective marketing ploy to measure effectiveness. You can scrutinize click rates, opens etc but the real measure of success is sales.
  3. Don’t Over-Complicate it: Email campaigns are an odd one, of course they are sales and marketing tool and you want to make a return from them. But conversely, don’t make them boring – customers will just disregard them and delete instantly which leads us to point four.
  4. It’s All about the Subject Line: This is the first thing a customer sees so you better make it eye catching. Offer a punchy line which will leave them left with only one option opening your email. Make it smart; salesy and quirky but avoid sounding like spam of course.
  5. Quality Content in Your Email: Now that your interesting subject has got a potential customer to open it, the last thing they want to see is a pretty boring piece of content. Have some fun; use visuals, sales speak, be topical and put together a little bit of content that you think would be interesting. Put yourself in their shoes – would you read a boring email.
  6. Call to Actions: An obvious one, but often a big mistake. Don’t forget to put call to actions in place whether it is typed or a button to automatically take care of it. Customers often make buying decisions within 30 seconds of reading your email; if there are CTA buttons in place you give yourself more of a chance of winning the order.
  7. Personalise Emails: Even though you customers are essentially part of a mass marketing technique, give them a personalised touch to make them feel special, unique and give your business more of a chance of grabbing their attention. Programmes like mailchimp allow you to break up lists for campaigns for certain products, preferences and so on.
  8. Time Your Campaign: Optimum timing is everything! You want your email to land in an inbox at the right time, schedule your campaign for a certain time ensuring it goes out exactly when you want. Customers are more likely to read emails at the start of the day, midday or just after lunch!
  9. Get Cute with Automation: An advanced technique of email campaigns that comes across as difficult but in reality is straight forward. Simply plan a series of emails (4-5 per fortnight as an idea) which can be used once a customer has clicked a certain part of your email to send this customer an email X amount of hours after clicking a certain area
  10. Lastly and Most Importantly, Trial Run Your Email: Before you send anything send a test version to your inbox, see how it looks, how the content comes across, does it do what you want it do? Trial your email before sending it to customers, save yourself the embarrassment of noticing a mistake after sending a campaign (we’ve all been there).  

Our beginners list is comprehensive but covers all the basics of email campaigns and how to make them successful for your business. Use these tips with the right software and a bit of planning and your business will reap the rewards – sales will only go one way!

For more information or any advice on how to get more from your eTrader site don’t hesitate to get in touch on info@etraderwebsites.co.uk or call 029 2075 5733