This week saw us launch our newest update for all our customers. This update to your eTrader site focuses on both you & your customer’s user experience on an eTrader website.

Our List of Latest Updates Includes:

  • Manage Colours in Shops: Create a list of colours for your shops and add a variety of colours for individual products.
  • Updated Product Description Box: Brand new box allowing HTML descriptions and much more for each individual product.
  • Brand New View Orders Tab: This new feature gives you an accurate break-down of orders carried out on site featuring customer info, product info and much more.
  • Export Customer Data: Download your customer’s information in a CSV file with just a simple click. 

Schoolwear Show 2015!

This week, eTrader confirmed confirmation at this year’s Schoolwear Show. Taking part in Solihull between the 11th -13th October it will be our first time visiting the show but we cannot wait to get up there and meet lots of garment decorators who may be interested in what we can do for their business.

On top of meeting new customers, we would love to hear off you if you are visiting this year’s schoolwear show, and catch up over a coffee – so don’t hesitate to drop us an email!

For more on the show visit


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