Many businesses stay away from Blogging, they see it as simply for professional opinion leaders. They don’t often realise it provides businesses a sales tool in itself, an easy way to develop your businesses image and reputation offering extended communication with existing and potential customers.

Looking for a quick way to communicate with all your customers? In the garment decoration game, your customers come from all sorts of backgrounds from the single order customer looking for personalised goods to sports teams/clubs and businesses across every sector. Communicating with specific customers proves a challenge. The audience is vast, so how do create content for all these potential customers? The Answers simple: Blogging.

Small businesses may consider it a burden or a waste of precious time but it adds value to your business and it presents the easiest way to keep in touch with both your sector and your customers. Blogging is Marketing’s worst kept secret with successful businesses from all backgrounds engaging in the art. Your businesses blog provides an extension of Social Media, a personality, a voice for your businesses brand. There is only so much you can say in 140 characters!

Blogging presents businesses, especially in our industry the chance to build a following and enhance your businesses reputation and brand. Sharing content, industry opinions and be topical presents creates and establishes a sense of authority along professionalism which can only affect sales positively. (eTrader Tip: You can blog about anything that is relevant to what you do. The key is to do it in a balanced way and be honest and thought provoking; just venting opinions on a blog is seen as bad PR practice and often deters customers).

Staying one step ahead of customers is the aim of the game; a blog presents the opportunity to do just that. Reach customers in ways you could not have imagined by simply using a blog, if done well your businesses blog should collaborate with others and encourage networking and conversation with those interested in you and your products. It generates ‘Leads’ you possibly would never have stumbled across before.

Blogs also provide your business a great opportunity to improve your businesses SEO and online performance. Blogs are an easy way to generate traffic towards your website in an organic way (which bodes well with Google). Naturally building in key words and terms associated with your business can only affect your rankings in one way - Positively! The art of Blogging provides a double sided approach to sales, generate both real and online needs for you and your business and it could not be easier.

Blogging isn’t difficult; as long as you know what you are talking about people will sit back and listen. Customers and other people in the industry often seek online advice, so why not get it from you? For garment decorators, it is easy take pictures of your latest work, showcase your businesses latest customers and products. Be inspired by the work you do and write about it!

Build up a simple blog, talk about what you love and develop a crowd and the sales look after themselves. Just give it a little TLC on top of your weekly Marketing duties and make the leap of faith, join the Blogging revolution!

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